Yuhki Kurihara 栗原悠希

Born in Saitama,Japan. She started playing the piano at the age of four and pursued advanced studies at Toho Gakuen School of Music, where she studied piano performance under Nobuhito Nakai. Additionally, she studied in violin performance with Keiko Urushihara, composition under Hitomi Kaneko, and solfège with Rie Okazawa.

She started her career as a composer with the anime project “Dropkick on my Devil!” and also provided music to idols and animation in 2018.
From 2019 to 2022, She worked as a composer at a music production company in the Netherlands, engaging in multiple projects both in Japan and internationally, including collaborations with Asahi Shimbun, TOYOTA USA, GEORGIA, and Hermes.(→WORKS
In 2022, She became independent and released my first solo work collection「指先の虹彩」.


2019年から2022年まで欧州の音楽制作会社にコンポーザーとして在籍し、朝日新聞/TOYOTA USA/GRORGIA/Hermes等、国内外の様々なプロジェクトに携わる。(→WORKS