Yuhki Kurihara 栗原悠希


2019年から2022年まで欧州の音楽制作会社にコンポーザーとして在籍し、朝日新聞/TOYOTA USA/GRORGIA/Hermes等、国内外の様々なプロジェクトに携わる。(→WORKS

I started playing the piano at the age of 4, graduated from Toho Girls’ High School of Music and Toho Gakuen University of Music (piano major).

I started my career as a composer with “Dropkick on my Devil!” and also provided music to idols and anime in 2018.
From 2019 to 2022, I worked as a composer for a European music production company and was involved in various projects at home and abroad.(→WORKS
In 2022, I became independent and released my first solo work collection「指先の虹彩」.